Alice - (2001-2013)
Adapted from Lewis Carroll by Gary Bachlund & Marilyn Barnett
After the stories of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass."


in memory of Virginia Ann Bachlund




In two acts for eighteen soli (playing multiple parts) and chamber orchestra
[ duration: circa 2½ hours ]


The two acts of this one opera are the classic stories of Lewis Carroll, with all the memorable characters of the stories, with a libretto almost entirely by Lewis Carroll -- i.e., drawn almost wholly from the texts themselves. Through words from his own letters, Lewis Carroll himself plays himself -- the historical Charles Dodgson -- as well as the parts of the Gryphon in Act One and the White Knight in Act Two, including something of his interaction with the real Alice Liddell and her parents.

NOTE   It is wholly intended that the two acts may stand alone, each as a one-act opera, in which case the individual titles of the acts are the operas' names. If so, there is a short prelude for strings to "Through the Looking-Glass" entitled "Christ Church Meditation," a work which is also available as an organ solo, which may be used to begin the performance.

Foreword          Cast List and Orchestra Details       An Introductory Video       A Video of the Christ Church Meditation
Act One - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Act Two - Through the Looking Glass



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